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Did you get to this site/page looking for Lance Gordon?

Well I worked for him as a sub contracted photographer a few years back and accumulated a fine collection of invoices and checks with insufficient funds….almost $10,000 of checks that he didn’t cover and almost $40,000 of invoices unpaid…

So I bought his domain when it expired and re-directed it here!

He’s off in europe doing psychedelic lights shows for minor bands….

Here he is on facebook..


and his address and phone are on the “about” page here…

Me? I’m still photographing and would welcome your interest in my services!

Dave Adams Photography
PO Box 875
Winters Ca 95694

530 795 2529
916 601 0852

Member: ASMP, AIAP

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  1. this is great dave…i just randomly search this kook’s name cause someone was asking me about tips on real estate photography…

    i worked for this snake a few years back…worked for about a month and never got paid…then he just sorta disappeared…

    1. Yes, I’m hoping some of his old clients look for him now that the economy is picking up….and hire me instead!

      Lance is at touring europe.. apparently in Instanbul now!

      I understand quite a few people had problems getting him to pay…I learned a lot from him as a photographer. The most important thing maybe was that you had to take care of business to stay in business.

      Best of luck to you Jonathan.


  2. Lance Gordon has had this pattern of employing assistants for almost 30 years, and hardly ever paying them He is a snake that is to be avoided at all costs.
    I worked for him 25 years ago, and acquired $5000 in fees working for him. He never paid.
    He also doesn’t, or didn’t pay his suppliers.
    When he repeatedly stiffed me, I called all the suppliers for which I knew he had cajoled them into lines of credit, and I could come up with more than $30,000 on debts for film, Processing, Polaroid, Prints, all expense related items for his work, for stores and labs in Orange County and Los Angeles/Hollywood. Frankly I am so very amazed at the resilience of his forked tongue that he has not been run out of town on rails by the collective Photo Community, and still finds suckers to work for him and give him supplies without paying for them

    Rudy, the now passed on owner of a Tustin CA Pro Camera Store would pick him up and throw him out the front door, if he came in the store.

    NEVER EVER work for or with Lance Gordon the Snake. EVER!

  3. Same Problems with this Lance Gordon. We are Formerly Olson Photo Assoc, and did business with Lance for over 20yr in Anaheim CA. We did all film processing, scans, retouching, prints on his files. We still do all the scanning, retouching, printing, but never again for him! If this shows up in orange county I will make sure I sound the siren.

    Best To All.
    Robert Refugio

  4. I worked for this POS about 10 years ago and went through the same thing everyone else has said. He is a low life. I sued him and won my case easily as he never showed up. He skipped the country so that his very few assests wouldn’t be seized. Don’t deal with him. Report him if you ever meet this weasel!

    1. He lives in Lincoln, CA.

      I have his address somewhere….(not finding it right away, but I have it)

      Lance Kennedy Gordon

        1. I’ve emailed it to the email you provided. Its his mothers house….probably not cool to post her address openly.

          But it is googleable. “lance kennedy gordon” lincoln ca

          edit: email you provided bounced. email me privately if you want and I will supply what info I have.

  5. Worked with Gordon back in 07 as an assistant. Same old story, dragged me around to Vegas, the bay area, as well as so cal. Never got paid a dime, spent weeks at a time away from my wife, worked hard and worked long hours on the road. Lost thousands of dollars and lots of time and all for nothing. This guy should really do some time. Scum of the earth. Should have known.

  6. I worked for Lance in 05 and I had to gather all the fellas that were working for him at the time at my house for beers to discuss on what to do about this guy and him not paying us. We all decided to call a strike until we were paid and when he did finally, most of us quit. Do not work for this asshole. He doesn’t care about you or your family’s welfare.

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